PTO Meetings & Contacts

Come to a PTO meeting listed below. For evening meetings, a movie will be playing in the Gym for CP kids. Little ones always welcome in the meeting.

Sept 28th – 8.30am.  With a ‘who we are & what we do’ presentation at back to school night, that night.

Oct 26th – 8.30am and 7pm

November – Committee Meetings only

Dec 14th – 8.30am

Jan 11th – 8.30am and 7pm

March – Committee Meetings only

April 19th – 8.30am

May – Committee Meetings only

June 6th – Voting for 2017/18 Officers – 8.30am only

See you there!


Our PTO Officers are listed below. This year we have added Grade Representatives, who are your go to parents, happy to help you with any questions related to your grade.

CP-PTO Officers:

CO-PRESIDENTS:                            Wendy Farrington
                                                          Mia Cahill

SECRETARY:                                     Francesca Kennedy

TREASURER:                                    Dana Molina


Events:                                              Krissi Farrimond-

Clubs:                                                 TBA

Outreach & Graphics                     Megan Hedin

Communications                            Misha Medvedeva


K                                  Stacy Petta

1                                  Phil & Sarah Porter

2                                  Lindsay Casto

3                                  Carrie Besler

4                                  Meg Renda

5                                  Jenn & Scott Ross